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Performance PPC Solutions For Publishers & AffiliatesActiveAds offers web publishers, affiliates and entrepreneurs a premium technology solution to match quality web traffic with the most effective and easily monetisable pay per click feeds available in the UK, USA and other international territories today.

ActiveAds core business revolves around connecting publishers with the right PPC feed which enables superior revenue prospects, stable traffic monetisation and a reliable long term income stream and scalable business model.

With pay per click your revenue is generated each time that a user places a valid click on typically a search advertisement or a content placement. There are a variety of flexible integration options available.

Superior Pay Per Click XML Feeds
A pay per click XML feed such as those provided by BingAds and Yahoo Search Marketing,, Google and others enables publishers to connect with their audiences, improve site functionality and visitor retention and gain premium value for search and content traffic on a CPC ( cost per click basis. )

Maximise Web Traffic Earnings and ROI
As a publisher you earn revenue whenever there is a valid click on a paid advertisement. The higher the volume of your web site or networks quality traffic the greater the earning potential. We offer several implementation styles to suit publisher needs. We can also provide integration assistance to non technical publishers if required.

Three Easy Steps To Success

Three Easy PPC Steps To Success

As a prospective publisher you provide details of your web sites or network and provide some information on traffic levels and origin.

We discuss with you which sites and traffic would be most appropriate and recommend the correct PPC feed and implementation style for your business.

Publishers manage the daily traffic on their sites or network and earn revenue for each valid click they generate.

If you are interested in discussing how you can earn greater revenue and prospects from your valuable web traffic please contact us today and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and outline the partnership potential to you.

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